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The Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce embraces the opportunities of the crossroads for local businesses and residents. We are committed to offering supportive service to the community and welcome you to this portal of member information.

Providing contact information about Chamber members and updates on their activities is a primary goal. Membership Directory.
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The Mansfield Chamber of Commerce demonstrates the hospitable character of the community through participation in events that include our community and international visitors from every corner of the world. Wilder Days, commemorating renowned children’s author, Laura Ingalls Wilder whose family lived and wrote in the Mansfield community, is the legacy event for the whole community, planned and supported by the Chamber. In addition, the Chamber celebrates kids and spring with an Easter Egg Hunt while carrying that spirit of celebration through to a Hometown Christmas event in December. The Mansfield Freedom Celebration receives Chamber support and encouragement.

Mansfield, Missouri is located roughly in the center — the CROSSROADS — of the Ozarks at a significant transportation crossroads. Missouri Highway 5 and US Highway 60 intersect at Mansfield.

Mansfield has been ‘home’ to some illustrious citizens of our country.

Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived and worked here for many years. The books the family wrote and which have been written about them give readers a personal connection with the pioneer life in our country in the 1800′s.

Carl Mays played baseball with a stellar career after growing up at Mansfield. His story has been largely neglected over the years, but family and friends in Mansfield were influential in getting Mays named to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. A book has been written about his baseball career with stunning statistics. in 2010, a memorial was dedicated at the town square with family from all over the country there to observe and celebrate. Leaders in the Chamber were involved in getting this memorial funded and installed.

If you are planning to visit or to move to the Mansfield area, we want to make you welcome and provide you with adequate information to make your encounter with our community positive and productive.

Thank you for visiting our website; we invite you to visit our community.
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